914-6 oil console


914-6 Oil Tank

Our oil tanks are made of 5052 h32 aluminum and hand TIG welded. We have incorporated 22mm female fittings to adapt to either metric or AN fittings for many oiling system options. We also have incorporated 2 baffled areas in the tank to help insure proper oiling to the engine. 


914-6 SS Headers
These headers are our 914-6 heat exchangers layout without the heat shrouds. They benefit from a very flexible assembly which allows them to fit easily. 1 1/2' & 1 5/8' sizes


Stainless Steel Quiet Muffler


Oil Fill

This is a copy of the factory oil fill.. Our filler necks are made from mandrel bent aluminum, TIG welded by hand and use a larger dipstick tube for easier access to the dipstick. 


Coming soon:

Aluminum GT Oil Cooler Shroud

GT Bumper Inlet to Shroud

Louvered Trunk Insert

"***Highest Recommendation***
The fit on these lines is "P-E-R-F-E-C-T". Rarely do we see an aftermarket product that simply works this well right out of the box. 
Special thanks to Glenn for loaning out his set of OEM lines and Ben for all of the fancy leg work getting this to a final product.
That is all..." -  Eric Shea - PMB Performance

914-6 GT Hard lines

These hard lines are made of 3/4" stainless steel with silver soldered ends to replicate the factory GT lines in every way but benefit from a much safer design by using stainless steel vs. brass. Brass can fail easier than stainless steel. 


914-6 SS Heat Exchangers
Our heat exchangers are modled off of the original 914-6 heat exchanger. We use 304 stainless steel with all bends made with our cnc mandrel bender. We then purge all weld areas to ensure high quality welds. We offer these heat exchangers in both 1-1/2" and 1-5/8" diameter primaries. This allows for the client to choose the correct heat exchanger based on mild to wild engine builds.


GT Style Muffler Bracket

Properly support the muffler from the transmission. Uses standard straps (not included). 


914-6 oil soft lines

We offer the 3 soft lines with correct Cohline fittings. Will fit a stock 2.0 or a larger conversion engine. 


914-6 GT Steel Flared Rocker Ends

These preformed rocker ends re made of 16 gauge steel and emulate the factory GT rockers. These allow you to use your narrow body rockers and weld on these ends for a perfect match in conjunction with your GT flares. Much more durable than the typical fiberglass alternatives. 


GT Oil Cooler & Front Soft Lines

Coming soon. 

914-6 Engine Hard Line

This is a copy of the factory 914-6 engine scavenge hard line, reproduced in stainless steel with slightly larger ID for increased oil flow. 


914-6 Engine Sheet Metal

Our engine sheet metal is a cross between the old "GPR" sheet metal and the original factory pieces. We created this product to be an effective option for the 914-6 conversion enthusiast. The sheet metal is laser cut and then hand formed around a wooden buck by our master craftsman.